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Mateusz said in December 10th, 2011 at 10:14 am

There is one traditional seminar in France – in Courtalain, run by Institute of Good Shepherd

Stuart Chessman said in December 11th, 2011 at 9:26 am

I just read your report/essay from the conference on Summorum Pontificum on the TLM/trads in France. Highly interesting and pretty complete. I note, however, that you did not mention La Communauté St. Martin in Candé sur Beuvrons. I read about this “diocesan” community in a book by Denis Crouan; actually a footnote in the book wherein he wrote that in all of France one could find in this community, in his opinion, the best of the N.O. liturgies. My priest-son and I visited them in 2003. I was very impressed by the quality of priests, their youth and vibrance. Their founder, Msgr. Jean-François Guérin, was still living then. He told us that he and Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre were good friends but parted ways when Lefebvre was excommunicated. The St. Martin community were exiled to England for a time and when we visited them they had returned fairly recently and were headquartered in a French chateau outside of Blois. I receive their monthly magazine and see that they are ordaining quite a few young priests each year and they are spreading and are now in Haiti. Of course, they celebrate the N.O. in Latin, so maybe they didn’t qualify for being mentioned in your essay. However, I believe they make a significant and positive contribution to the Church in France – albeit not for the TLM, but for traditional Catholicism/catechesis.

Thank you for a most interesting blog report.

Jane Conrad Kosco

Perrin luc said in December 13th, 2011 at 6:12 pm

Erratum : there is indeed the I.B.P. seminary located in Courtalain (diocese of Chartres) since 2006.
Though it doesn’t mean the French bishops had changed their minds then because it was a part of the Roman recognition of the Institute. The opposition to the creation of I.B.P. was very vocal in 2006 among the bishops (ex. Abp Lacrampe).

As for the Communauté Saint-Martin, Mrs Kosco is giving the right answer in the end :
“they celebrate the N.O. in Latin, so maybe they didn’t qualify for being mentioned in your essay”. Right on.
Until recently, this neo-conservative priestly Society was very hostile to T.L.M. and did not want to be mixed up with Traditionalists.

I could have mentionned a semi-trad or trad-friendly Community : the Fraternity of Saint Thomas Becket which is more open to celebrate T.L.M. and has been founded in the diocese of Blois.

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