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Andrew Saucci said in August 25th, 2020 at 8:25 pm

Three observations: first, with so many underutilized churches in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (witnessed first-hand by me even five or ten years ago, probably much worse now), I don’t understand why traditionalists and Neo-Catechumenal Way Catholics need to share a church. I’m sure that both groups could be satisfied without having to make major renovations anywhere.

Second, while in this case, the diocese seems to be doing the right thing, I am still concerned when the diocese has to approve everything and the pastor becomes little more than a resident building manager. The whole second paragraph of the letter reads like something written by bureaucrats. Right now, in general, subsidiarity is probably a greater virtue than centralization. After all, the shoe could be on the other foot when traditionalists want to restore an altar rail or more and the diocese gets in the way, making up excuses for not allowing it– and the way things are these days, that is still a more likely possibility than what happened at St. Michael’s.

Finally, always be careful when any church is closed for a while– it’s always an opportunity for mischief. They always hope no one will notice, or at least that no one will complain.

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