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chernobot said in January 23rd, 2017 at 1:21 am

You use his mother´s surname, Dávila, instead of his father´s, Gómez. A common mistake among anglos when writing about hispanics, caused by the fact that we sometimes use both our parents surnames. Other than that I enjoyed the article.

German Christian Reactionary said in February 18th, 2018 at 12:43 pm

Thanks a lot for posting these! It’s too bad that many of his aphorisms still haven’t been translated into English — given how much influence the anglophone world still has over our lives. (His work has been completely translated into German, though.)

Gómez Dávila was brilliant and is a necessary antidote to the imbecility and degeneracy of the modern world — not least against the heresy that is taking place before all our eyes in the Churches — no matter what denomination, they have all embraced man and the world more than Christ.

The German translation of his last work—translated by Günter Maschke, titled “Aufzeichnungen des Besiegten” (Loosely translated: Notes of someone who has been defeated)—includes an epilogue by Martin Mosebach.

In which Mosebach writes that Gómez Dávila said to him: “‘[…] The Church is dying’, and he continues with his head bowed, ‘We need to be alone with God. Prayer is the only intelligent act.'”

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