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Andrew Saucci said in October 28th, 2019 at 11:00 pm

Sometimes, I do get the feeling that the powers that be almost everywhere are practicing a TLM containment program of some sort. Assuming that the 6 PM Mass time was what people who want the TLM really wanted (and not just the best time they could get after all the other slots were taken), why not give people a choice? I don’t know myself, but my personal feeling is that 10:30 AM is a much better time for Sunday Mass, and I may even go to Waterbury on occasion now. (I am unusual though as I have been attending about half a dozen different TLM’s within two hours of my home on Long Island.) Maybe others who are far better informed than I am can speak for the 6 PM group, but it could be that most people will gladly go at 10:30 AM, not leaving a whole lot left at 6. There could also be a problem with priest coverage; the new situation sounds as though it provides more stability with resident priests dedicated to the TLM. I have a friend who attends St. Joseph in Detroit, also served by the Institute, and she was so impressed that she stopped going to a nearby Novus Ordo parish and became part of the choir at St. Joseph, so I am confident that the rescue of what was probably an endangered church building is mostly a win all around. Maybe if they get enough priests at St. Patrick they can have a 6 PM Mass there as well! The way vocations are going in traditional, orthodox orders are going that is hardly a longshot.

Madzi said in October 29th, 2019 at 3:05 pm

I’m not in this diocese, residing in the Diocese of Bridgeport, but it appears to me that the Basilica was built for the traditional Mass. What a disappointment and shame that it will not see the TLM for a while.
I say “for a while” because it is increasingly becoming apparent that the Latin Mass is the Mass of the future of the Church. Time will tell, but it is ironic that, freely admitting the Roman Rite has more than one liturgy, the Extraordinary Form is so widely suppressed. Waterbury is not a Third World hamlet. Why could it not serve as a beacon and example to the rest of the New England states Catholic world?
It amuses me sometimes that those who speak about their love for the EF liturgy are often reminded that the NOM is valid and licit…perectly fine…it’s a big Church…and in the same breath told that their parish does not offer the EF, nor does it plan to. It smacks of “Why…some of my best friends go to the TLM! Of course, I don’t care for it…I’ve never been to one but I have no plans to do so, either.”
At any rate, I hope St. Patrick’s parish thrives with the Institute there. It’s a trek for me but I hope to visit and support it and I pray that the eyes of Catholics everywhere are opened to the exquisite beauty and timeless Truth of the TLM.

hughofcluny said in October 29th, 2019 at 3:25 pm

This reminds me of the beautiful solemn Mass we sponsored at Immaculate Conception a few years ago for the Lepanto. Conference. See: http://sthughofcluny.org/2018/05/lepanto-conference-at-immaculate-conception-basilica-in-waterbury.html

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